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Tangram Pro™ code generation artifacts – CSI (Component Software Interfaces) and Transform applications – are compatible with a variety of network protocols and brokers that handle message delivery between software components.

Supported Transports

Tangram Pro supports the following Transport libraries:

*MISRA-C:2012 Compliant



Transports are a property of Connections in the Project Design mode. For more information see Design > Transports.


Project Build artifacts – CSI (Component Software Interfaces) and Transform applications – include source code for the Transport(s) that was selected in the Design. When a CSI or Transform application is built, the Transport library is built as well.


Downloaded artifacts include an extensive under pkg_deps/genericapi/pkg_deps/transports-cpp with details on how to configure and interact with Transports in code. Please consult that file for additional information.


A container image is created for the selected Transport(s) when a Project Build is Containerized. This enables the use of the Run and Verify features.