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Message Sets

Tangram Pro™ has built-in support for a variety of Message Sets (or standards) that are used to design system models and generate interface code.

Built-in Message Sets

OMS (Open Mission Systems)
    OMS 2.1
    OMS 2.0
    OMS 1.6
    OMS 1.3
Air Force mission-critical UAV systems
OpenUxAS LMCP (Lightweight Message Control Protocol)
Air Force mission-critical UAV systems
STANAG 4586 (NATO Standardization Agreement 4586)
NATO mission-critical UAV systems
FACE (Future Airborne Capability Environment)
Military aviation systems
UMAA (Unmanned Maritime Autonomy Architecture)
Navy mission-critical systems
MAVLink (Micro Air Vehicle Communication Protocol)
Commercial UAV systems
ROS (Robot Operating System)
Robotics systems



Messages are a property of Component Interfaces and Connections in Project Design mode. For more information see Design > Interface.


Tangram-generated CSI (Component Software Interfaces) and Transform applications include getter and setter methods for each of the Messages chosen in a Project Design. Tangram Pro also provides Serializers that are compatible with the chosen Message Set.

Cameo Sync

When using the Tangram Pro Sync Plugin for Cameo, the Message Set definitions are synchronized from Tangram Pro into Cameo.


The Message Set specifications are defined in the Flex Language. Tangram Pro includes a code editor which allows you to fork and modify specifications as needed.