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What is Tangram Pro™?

Welcome to our version of a Hello World! project to get you started with your trial of Tangram Pro™! These tutorials include simple exercises that will demonstrate the potential of our Component Software Integration Platform (CSIP).

To complete these tutorials you only need a Tangram Pro account and internet access.

Tangram Pro™ is a Component Software Integration Platform (CSIP) for rapidly integrating software with confidence. A CSIP lets you and others collaborate in a practical workspace to bridge system model design and code development so that teams can more easily cross the treacherous gap. Tangram Pro™ tightens the linkages between system engineers and software developers by streamlining the flow of work between the two groups.

These tutorials teach you Tangram Pro™ essentials such as:

  • Setting up an account
  • Creating a project
  • Designing a component-based system
  • Generating code from a design
  • Writing Flex code to add custom messages and transforms