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Flex Package Migration

Follow these steps to migrate your custom Flex packages to Flex2:

  1. Go to FlexLang
  2. Click the v1.0 Flex Editor button on the top right
  3. Click the Package Manager button to view your packages
  4. Click the Migrate Package button for the packages you wish to migrate


After clicking the Migrate Package button, the following steps will help you update your package contents and integrate with your projects.

  1. In FlexLang, use the Package Manager to open your migrated package
  2. Open the Dependencies panel from the package header in the file explorer, and add any Flex dependencies used in that package (you may want to migrate those first)
  3. Fix any parsing or type-check errors
  4. From the Create Release panel, create a new release of your package
  5. Open projects that use your package (you will probably see validation errors)
  6. Open the Flex Packages panel and add the relevant packages
  7. Once added, the validation warnings should go away and you should be ready to go