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Assurance: the safety, security, and correctness of software

Assurance Artifact: the output from Assurance Tool Plugins run in Tangram Pro™ Workflows

Component: reusable elements used to design, build, and manage system architectures; the building block of system

Component Type: the external view of a component where its interface ports that exchange data or events are defined

Component Implementation: the internal view of a component where its structure and function is defined

Component Software Interface (CSI): the code generated by Tangram Pro that connects Components

Dependency: a task that needs to be completed before another can begin

Implementation: the way a Component is put to use

Job: an individual run of a Component Workflow where status and outcome of each Workflow step is shown

Member: a non-administrative Team Role

OAuth: an open-standard authorization protocol used to grant applications secure access to resources

Owner: an administrative Team Role

Permission: a user's ability to access resources and perform tasks

Plugin: third-party tools in Tangram Pro™ that can be configured and used as Workflow tasks

Port: the way a Component sends and/or receives messages

Public: a resource that can be viewed by any Tangram Pro™ user

Role: a set of permissions assigned to a user

Subcomponent: a Component used as part of the implementation of another Component

System Administrator: a user with the ability to manage all of a Tangram Pro™ instance's users

Tasks: customized Workflow steps

Team: a central area where resources are shared and maintained among a group of users

Transform: code that enables messages to get from one format to another

User: a person who has a Tangram Pro™ account

Webhooks: how source code repository platforms communicate with Tangram Pro™ to trigger an automatic Workflow run in response to a change in source code

Wildcard Character: a symbol that can replace or represent a character

Workflows: a series of tasks created to be run against Components

Workflow Engine: under-the-hood technology where Tangram Pro™ runs user-defined Workflows

Workflow Tree: a diagram of Workflow tasks and dependencies

Workspace: where users access the tools to manage and edit Components, add and connect subcomponents to build new system architectures, and access Component Workflows