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What is Tangram Pro™?

Welcome to our version of a Hello World! project to get you started with your trial of Tangram Pro™! These tutorials include simple exercises that will demonstrate the potential of our Component Software Integration Platform (CSIP).

To complete these tutorials you only need a account and internet access

Tangram Pro™ is Component Software Integration Platforms (CSIP) for rapidly integrating software with confidence. A CSIP lets you and others collaborate in a practical workspace to bridge system model design and code development so that teams can more easily cross the treacherous gap that slows down assured Component deployment. CSIPs tighten the linkages between system engineers and software developers by streamlining the flow of work between the two groups.


Tangram Maker is coming soon! It will be a light version of Tangram Pro™ that allows you to experiment with the power of a CSIP.

These tutorials teach you Tangram Pro™ essentials such as:

  • Setting up an account
  • Creating a Team
  • Visualizing a Component based system design
  • Generating a Component Software Interface (CSI) and applying a code analysis plug-in
  • Rapidly introducing, re-using, or swapping Components

Check out Discuss, our community forum for all things CSIP related, or head over to the Getting Started tutorial below.