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Export a Component Based System Design

The requirement to save Component Based System Design outside of Tangram Pro™ can come from a variety of reasons. For instance a design created in one instance of Tangram Pro™ might need to be saved and uploaded into a different instance of Tangram Pro™. Exporting a Component Based System Design from Tangram Pro™ is very straightforward and will be covered in this tutorial. Note: Tangram Pro™ leverages the Architectural Analysis and Design Language (AADL). Therefore Component Based System Design exported from Tangram Pro™ are in an AADL format.

You'll learn how to:

  • Export a system and component interactions designed in Tangram Pro™

Step 1: Open a Workspace for an existing Component Based System Design

If you do not already have an existing design, see the Visualize a Component Based System Design tutorial to create a design.

Step 2: From the Workspace, export the design

On the upper right side of the workspace window, click the "Export" button and the design will be downloaded in a zip file.

When you unzip, you will see the associated .aadl files. These files can be viewed in notepad or IDEs of your choice. The .aadl files can then be imported into other instances of Tangram Pro™ or other systems that can receive edit or transform .aadl files.


By completing this tutorial, you've learned to export Component based system design from Tangram Pro™!

Check out what you accomplished:

  • exported a Component Based System Design from Tangram Pro™

If you want to know more about Component based system design in Tangram Pro™, take a look at our blog posts.


Check out Discuss, our Tangram Flex community and find out more about Component based system design with a CSIP.


Additional items available in Tangram Pro™, but not discussed in this tutorial

  • A Component Library shareable across Teams
  • Component Copying
  • Additional message sets, such as Open Mission Systems (OMS) and STANAG4586 (NATO)
  • Transforms
  • Linking Components to repositories
  • Viewing Component Software Interface Flex Code