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The g++ plugin is available and ready to use for building. The clang++ plugin isn't available for Makefiles, and won't currently work to compile the output of Code-Gen.


Because local DNS is used, email notifications do not work. This is by design for on-premise editions of Tangram Pro™.

Linking Repositories

Because local DNS is used, linking to remote source control repositories isn't functional.

Task Output Location

Specifying . or ./, etc. as an output location of a workflow task will cause the workflow to fail. A full name must be provided (code-gen-3/ or, for example).

Image Size

To reduce image size so the VM can fit on the BluRay disk, the following changes were made:

  • Extraneous plugins removed: Ant , Maven , infer , klee , deep-state , junit-quickcheck , spotbugs.

Workflow Configuration: G++

The default value for the name output folder setting is invalid. This value should be changed to code-gen-2/.