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Cloud-Native Install via Helm

You can install Tangram Pro™ using a Helm chart. Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes that generates manifests (YAML files specifying Kubernetes resources) from templates that reference the values file. The values file holds several fields that you can override to configure the Tangram Pro™ installation.

You can install Helm by following the installation guide.

Adding the Tangram Pro™ Helm Chart Repository

Before you can install the Tangram Pro™ Helm chart, you need to add our repository. Run these commands in your terminal:

helm repo add tangram
helm repo update

Installing the Tangram Pro™ Helm Chart

Now you are ready to install Tangram Pro™. There are a few files that you will need to have handy during this installation process:

  • Your TLS certificates which will be used for HTTPS, unless you use cert-manager in your Kubernetes cluster
  • Your license files given to you by Tangram Flex
  • Your custom values file given to you by Tangram Flex

Run this command to install Tangram Pro™ (note that you need to be connected to a Kubernetes cluster):

helm upgrade [installation name] tangram/pro \
--install \
--wait --timeout 10m \
-f [your values file] \
--set-file license.publicKeyFile=[license public key file] \
--set-file license.privateKeyFile=[license private key file] \
# add these flags only if you are using TLS certificates without cert-manager:
--set-file tls.certFile=[your file] \
--set-file tls.keyFile=[your file]

You can name the installation whatever you want.

With that, you should be all set! You can run kubectl get pods to view the status of the pods created by the installation. You can also now set up DNS records to point to your Tangram Pro™ instance.

See Also

  • Velero: a Kubernetes cluster backup tool
  • cert-manager: a Kubernetes certificate management tool